Review of the Graco Quattro Stroller

This is really a review of the Graco Quattro Baby stroller. A little background info about all of us--my wife and therefore is expecting the first infant in a few months, so we've been conducting some serious research on various baby accoutrements before purchasing anything. Obviously, we additionally did our research on strollers and that's exactly what this article is about, and just how we came to choose the Burley Quattro Baby stroller over all of the others.

From our research, all of us concluded that the Graco Quattro Stroller was the way in which to proceed. The first thing you must know is the fact that we didn’t come in order to our decision lightly. This really is our really first child, and all of us want to become careful to choose only the very best and safest products. We’d heard friends and relatives mention the Graco brand and knew its reputation for quality as well as safety.

Exactly what we discovered out about the Graco Quattro Strollers:

The Graco Quattro series associated with strollers would be the ultimate within comfort and magnificence. The Graco Quattro Baby strollers have been labeled since the sport utility vehicles associated with strollers, as well as for good reason. They are more than just sturdy and nicely built--they're also ultra-handy and additional-comfortable. Most Graco Baby strollers have a strong light weight aluminum frame and therefore are capable associated with holding a little toddler, as well as up to a 50 lb infant.

Plus, the actual Graco Quattro Baby stroller easily retracts with one hand. It also features a dual mug holder for you personally, and the child's tray for the baby. I may’t forget to mention the actual reclining chair, and the flip up bassinet, and also the drop down basket. You’ll need to see all of these types of accessories with regard to yourself in order to really appreciate them.

What all of us loved concerning the Graco Quattro Strollers?

Yes, we've already bought the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Baby stroller, but all of us haven't actually utilized isn't due for some months.

Burley provides a series of neutral colors and this will prove helpful in the future if we decide to possess another kid and which one happens to become a girl. We won’t have to buy a whole new baby stroller of the different color.

The actual Graco Quattro Baby stroller comes having a variety associated with amenities which are useful for that parent ( the. cup cases, drop down basket), and also the baby ( the. a reclining seat, crib, and tray). Also, the car seat portion from the stroller is lightweight and easily attaches into the stroller as well as base. We were both very pleased with our choice.

What we didn't like about the Graco Quattro Baby stroller

This is really a review so not everything I'm writing right here is going to be positive. You deserve an honest opinion and a full review so here are a few cons to the Graco Quattro Baby stroller:

The baby stroller we chose is really a bit large, so if you have a little car, it probably won’t fit. Luckily, we have the rather roomy SUV and the stroller effortlessly fits in the back. To give you an indication of its size, a few friends of ours have the Tour Deluxe plus they drive the Toyota Camry. Their stroller fills up the majority of their trunk.

Additionally, it’utes a bit heavy from nearly 30 lbs. This isn’t a problem for me however my wife that is about the petite aspect may come with an issue loading, and unloading it from the back of our automobile. I guess we’ll be the one performing most of the loading/unloading.


The pros in our Graco Quattro Baby stroller are its rugged construction, and its many features that supply comforts each for the baby, as well as us. The cons are its dimension and weight.

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