InStep Safari Swivel Double Jogging Stroller - Review

Choosing the very best double jogging stroller could be very difficult. There are lots of brands and models available, so it is difficult to pick the correct one. One model you ought to consider is the InStep Safari Swivel Double Running Stroller.

This Safari Double Stroller has some great features:

- Storage container under the seats

- Shoulder pads and plush seats

- 16" Rear wheels along with a 12" front swivel steering wheel

- Adjustable elevation handle

- Bumper Bar

- Light-weight and small. Does match in the rear of a small car

- Really easy in order to fold

One of the benefits of this double stroller is that you could use this on many terrains. The actual 16" tires do not have any kind of problems with the bumpiest terrain. The parking brake ensures that you simply baby and the stroller remain put...even on steep slopes.

Unfortunate there are several cons. This particular double baby stroller is not really suitable for tall children. The elevation restriction is 38 inches, however I think 35 inches is the max. Additionally the sunshade offers its limits. Within the summer this isn't the problem, but in the actual spring and fall it can be.

Also if you are seriously thinking about using the stroller for running, we do not really recommend the actual instep safari dual jogging baby stroller. This stroller does not really have help brake as well as does not really seem sturdy enough for any speed trip.

This double stroller is an excellent choice for regular use. There are better choices, but individual’s double baby strollers have a lot higher cost tag. And the cons...Most likely you as well as your baby will not mind.

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